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Twinkle Toes - Cushioned Crew Socks - Unisex

Twinkle Toes - Cushioned Crew Socks - Unisex

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🎄✨ These aren't just socks; they're a party for your feet! Picture this: a vibrant explosion of colorful Christmas lights wrapped around your ankles, turning every step into a holiday dance.

Feel the cheerful vibes as your toes twinkle in this joyful pattern. The comfort? Oh, it's like a warm hug for your feet! Slide into the spirit of the season with socks that are as merry and bright as your holiday celebrations.

So, why settle for plain when you can have socks that light up your style? Grab your "Merry Bright Strides" and let your feet be the life of the festive party! 🌈🕺 #SockJoy #FestiveFeet


.: Material: 73% polyester, 18% nylon, 3% cotton, 6% spandex
.: One size: comfortably fits women's size 5 US up to men's size 12 US
.: 200 needle knit premium socks

.: The base color is white with black on the toes and heel
.: Cushioned bottoms 



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